An International Symposium entitled "Cyber Security and Digital Transformation Applied to Economic and Legal Fields"

2020-06-26 2020-06-27


The success of digital transformation can only be guaranteed if security issues are integrated from the first design stages and throughout the project cycle. This is called "secure by design", that is to say solutions designed to take into account all security issues. To benefit from optimal security, Companies also have an interest in assessing the reliability of their systems and networks by performing penetration tests, a server configuration audit, source code and system vulnerability scan on a recurring basis. Equally necessary are the implementation of technical architectures to achieve IT security objectives. Therefore, it is essential for companies to be supported in the definition and implementation of a strategy for securing their information systems, to allow employees to undergo training in cyber security in order to be informed risks. In fact, many attacks target user naivety. New services must be created to limit these possibilities of scams and to inform users of good practices. Also the legal field is not yet mature and must catch up on the digital transformation. That said, there is still enormous potential in this industry to optimize efficiency, improve processes and deliver new types of legal services. In matters of law, everything is a question of yield and productivity. The use of technology for data analysis, records management, forecasting of results becomes essential. The digital transformation will make it possible to combine the analysis of the massive influx of digital data and to transcribe this analysis into legal proceedings; lawyers need help to quickly process all this information.

Many industries are lax about cybersecurity until something terrible happens. Companies need to think more about eliminating or reducing this risk in the years to come.

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Symposium themes




Big Data

Artificielle Intelligence and Finance



Digital Finance

Financial inclusion



Mobile Banking Applications

Crypto monnaies

Big Data and Analytics in Finance

Payments and mobile wallets

Economic and fiscal systems

Client experience

Digital Marketing and Financial Services



Economic intelligence


Digital Economy



Numeric identity

E-Marketing and E-Shopping

Digital investigations

Cryptography and Steganography

Collection and analysis of digital evidence

Computer Virology

Cyber attacks and protection of personal data

Information systems security (SSI)

Intrusion detection techniques

Analysis of malicious codes

Electronic spy

Access control and authentication

Illegal downloading of cultural works

Internet identity theft


Security of digital transactions

Critical infrastructure security

Banking fraud

Honeypots and Honeynet


Procedures for establishing digital evidence


Honorary Committee


Mr. the President of Mohamed first University - Oujda.

Mr. the Dean of FSJES - Oujda.

Mr. the Oujda's Delegation Chairman - Moroccan Center of Polytechnic Research and Innovation.

Mr. the Director of Center of Studies, Human and Social Research - Oujda.


Steering committee


Pr. M. Merzougui, FSJES, Oujda

Pr. M. Benabdellah, FSJES, Oujda

Pr. Fo. Majidi, FSJES, Oujda

Pr. A. kchiri, ENCG, Oujda

Pr. A. Bekkaoui, FSJES, Oujda

Pr. A. Hafiane, FSJES, Oujda

Pr. Fa. Majidi, FSJES, Oujda

Pr. A. S. Moutabir, FSJES, Oujda

Pr. El B. Mhamdi, FSJES, Oujda

Pr. T. Berkane, FSJES, Oujda

Pr. S. Melhaoui, FSJES, Oujda

Pr. A. Essahli, ENCG, Oujda

Pr. A. EL Allaoui, ENSA, El Hoceima


Scientific Committee


Pr. Abdelkader El Oudri, FSJES, Oujda, Morocco

Pr. Sven Dietrich, Associate Professor, John Jay College of Criminal – CUNY, New York, USA.

Pr. Mohamed Salim BOUHLEL, University of Sfax, Tunisia

Pr. Amos DAVID, Université de Lorraine, France

Pr. Fo. Majidi, FSJES, Oujda, Morocco

Pr. Koji YATANI, Associate Professor at The University of Tokyo, Japon

Pr. Hafid Barka, INPT, Rabat, Morocco

Pr. Mohamed Merzougui, FSJES, Oujda, Morocco

Pr. Assia DJENOUHAT, Badji Mokhtar University, Annaba, Algeria

Pr. Mostafa Azizi, EST, Oujda, Morocco

Pr. Stefanos Gritzalis, Rector University of the Aegean, Greece

Pr. Abdelilah Attar, FSJES, Oujda, Morocco

Pr. Nael Abu-Ghazaleh, University of California, Riverside, USA.

Pr. Abdelmalek Azizi, FS, Oujda, Morocco

Pr. Abdelhamid El Yakoubi, FSJES, Agadir, Morocco

Pr. Christian MARCON, Poitiers University, France

Pr. Fa. Majidi, FSJES, Oujda, Morocco

Pr. George Markowsky, Missouri University of Science and Technology, Rolla, USA.

Pr. Amine DAFIR, Université Hassan II. Morocco

Pr. Youssef Bentaleb, ENSA, Kenitra, Morocco

Pr. Bernadette WAKIM, Lebanese University, Lebanon

Pr. Abdelmalek Azizi, FS, Oujda, Morocco

Pr. Abdelmajid Kchiri, ENCG, Oujda, Morocco

Pr. Cătălin Bîrjoveanu, “Al.I.Cuza” University of Iaşi, Romania

Pr. Hamid Seghiouer, ENSA, Tetouan, Morocco

Pr. Diallo BABACAR SOCRATE, Director of CEDS Dakar, Senegal

Pr. Abdelmalek Bekkaoui, FSJES, Oujda, Morocco

Pr. Hayretdin Bahsi, Tallinn University of Technology – Estonia

Pr. El Bekkay Mhamdi, FSJES, Oujda, Morocco

Pr. François LUDOVIC, HEC Paris. France

Pr. Hassan Mharzi, ENSA, Kenitra, Morocco

Pr. Berkane Taib, FSJES, Oujda, Morocco

Pr. Mohammed Benabdellah, FSJES, Oujda, Morocco

Pr. Jean-Louis MONINO, University of Montpellier, France

Abdelilah El Attar, FSJES, Oujda, Morocco

Pr. Said Melhaoui, FSJES, Oujda, Morocco

Pr. Jermie COULIBALY, University of Bamako, Mali

Pr. Abdellah Youssfi, FSJES, Rabat-Souissi, Morocco

Pr. Fouad Kissi, FSJES, Oujda, Maroc, Morocco

Pr. Nicolas MOINET, University of Poitiers, France

Pr. Abdelkader Maaroufi, FSJES, Oujda, Morocco

Pr. Khalid Fikri, FSJES, Oujda, Morocco

Pr. Ridha CHKOUNDALI, University of Carthage, Tunisia

Pr. Mourad Gharbi, FS, Rabat, Morocco

Pr. Najib Guemmi, FSJES, Oujda, Morocco

Pr. Severin TCHETCHOUA TCHOKONTE, University of Maroua, Cameroon

Pr. Abdelghani Essahli, ENCG, Oujda, Morocco

Pr. Si Lhoussain Aouragh, FSJES, Salé, Morocco

Pr. Stéphanie DAMERON, Paris Dauphine-PSL University, France

Pr. Mostafa Lekhal, FSJES, Oujda, Morocco

Pr. Kamal Hassani, FSJES, Oujda, Morocco

Pr. Hakim Touzani, FSJES, Ait Melloul - Agadir, Morocco

Pr. A. EL Allaoui, ENSA, El Hoceima, Morocco




Pr. Jean-François ROUGE, University of technology, Sofia, BG.

Pr. Abdelmalek Azizi, FS-Oujda, Morocco

Pr. Hamid Seghiouer, ENSA-Tetouan, Morocco

Pr. Abdelmajid KCHIRI, ENCG-Oujda, Morocco

Pr. A. Kouiriti, FSJES-Oujda, Morocco

Pr. Adil Slassi Moutabir, FSJES-Oujda




Registration, posters, abstracts of communications


Round table





Professors-researchers, professionals and practitioners, experts and advisers, public and private sector administrators, students, etc.




French and English.


Important dates


31/01/2020 : Official launch

03/02/2020 : Meetings of the Organizing Committee

15/02/2020: Submission of communications abstracts (maximum two pages) to the email address: CSTNADEJ2020@gmail.com

15/06/2020: Submission of communications’s full texts

26-27/06/2020: Course of the conference