President's Word

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to this university website. It would do me a greater pleasure to read your propositions and suggestions as they would help improve the quality of the services we offer.  This venue is, then, a major link between the various creative actors of the country as it encourages debates punctuated by fruitful exchanges of information and know-how.

After consulting the content of this site, you would realize the extent to which we are committed to keeping you informed of the various activities on campus.  We also provide actual and credible information.  In fact, and despite its recent creation, our university is a well-recognized institution due to the quality and diversity of the training it offers, the wealth and excellence of its scientific production.

In a context dominated by globalization and ardent competition between the various contenders, our university, empowered by its assets and proud of its values, accepts the challenges posed by such tasks. This is done by committing itself to the Reform process and making the adaptations it requires.  Our main objectives are the promotion of excellence, the elimination of school failure, access to the new technologies of learning through setting up digital teaching infrastructures and opening up international venues likely to help the university forge a place among international élites.

Once more, I welcome you and invite you to work with us, hand in hand, to create an innovative university capable of taking the challenges of the century.