Students Information Center (SIC)

Students Information Center (SIC)

The Students Information Center (SIC) area is open to students of MIU. This is a place for consultancy, communication, listening and assistance. It is endowed with ample documentation serving to assist the students in their academic life.
The SIC’s mission is::
  • To welcome students, Moroccans and foreigner, in search of information on studies at MIU;
  • To guide the students to make the right choice before starting their academic careers;
  • To organize information campaigns and guidance (open days, precisely sensitizing meetings, forums, etc.);
  • Ensure the pedagogical and/or psychological guidance through offering advice and assistance on the university curricula ;
  • To provide information to Moroccan students wishing to continue their studies in other Moroccan and foreign universities ;
  • To undertake practical and effective actions to assist them during their search for internships;
  • To publish study-guides and manuals to publicize programs and assist students of the Oriental area in their search for an appropriate school or program.

Information; Orientation:

The quality and relevance of the information given to existing and newly registered students is consolidated both through traditional media as well as through the ICT channels. The One Stop Shop (OSS) at SIC makes more efficient the various services proposed to the students. The OSS helps to expand the services offered to students and to adapt schedules and services to circumstances and the highly dynamic evolving needs of the users.

Contact :

Adresse        :           Quartier Al Qods BP 524 Oujda 60000 Maroc
Téléphone    :           +212 5 36 50 29 79
Fax                 :           +212 5 36 50 06 09